Wavetops originated from an encounter with the Nepalese Himalayan mountain range. With every order, 10% goes directly to education support in Nepal. 1 order = 2 days of education for one child in Nepal.

Already in 2016, after a first trip to the Himalayas, I toyed with the idea of starting a permanent charity campaign. To a Nepalese daycare at the foot of the Himalayas I started a spontaneous cookie sale. Sales got so out of hand that bakery De Schutter made her studio space available in Stabroek, Belgium to process the large number of orders.

After a second visit to Nepal and the great success of the cookie campaign, the idea grew to start a permanent initiative. I wanted to incorporate my passion for surfing and climbing mountains, but also my current profession in the education sector. In addition to my interest in the education sector and love for outdoor sports, my motivation was to be able to contribute to Nepalese society.

From this the concept 'Wavetops' was born. The collection immediately indicates what 'Wavetops' as a brand stands for: 'wave' refers to the ocean with a strong predilection for surf culture, while 'tops' refers to both the mountain tops and the garment. With Wavetops I can let my creativity run free. I combine my own graphic and unique designs, with my own screen printing technique in a collection that is sustainable, ecological and fair trade and at the same time supports education in Nepal. A dream that has now become reality and that I would like to share and carry with you.

Soon, as soon as travelling is possible again after corona, there will be a webpage about the project that you can follow closely.